Sustainability in the supply chain

For legislation and external stakeholders, sustainability is increasingly becoming the aim of good corporate governance. The Boston Consulting Group and Kienbaum Consultants International also confirm that the business community is convinced that companies that are managed sustainably deliver better performance. 

Sustainability includes socially responsible textiles produced under fair working conditions, shoes and accessories made from sustainable materials, processed in a resource-saving manner, transparent trade channels, recycling and digitisation of the supply chain. 

Sibylle Rommelspacher Fashion Consulting develops a tailor-made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy for your company, supports you in the implementation of the necessary structures and processes, in target group-oriented marketing and press relations (with partner companies).

Sibylle Rommelspacher has been dealing with the topic of sustainability for almost 20 years, has developed various sustainable collections, expanded her knowledge about sustainable materials, sustainable production, CSR standards and certification management and always updated it so that she has a broad sustainable network as well as very good worldwide contacts to sustainable producers.

Sibylle Rommelspacher is also privately engaged as a member of the Economic Council of the German Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Umweltstiftung) for a sustainable economy.